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[Self discovery is] brilliant! You desert everyone, abandon your responsibilities and relationships and focus completely on your own, personal misery. It’s a douche for the soul.

Crow, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Telling it like it is.

5 Relationship Facts I Wish I’d known Years Ago

1. A relationship is not a contract. Anyone who tries to convince you that you “owe” them anything has no business in your life, let alone your heart. You do not have to do something you don’t want to.

2. Independence is only a threat to those who confuse codependence with love.

3. You can love someone and still be better off without them in your life. Nothing protects you from caring for bad people.

4. A kiss is a kiss, not a promise for something more. Not even another kiss.

5. Don’t anticipate its failure. For all you know everything before failed so this could succeed.  

A question that often drives me hazy: am I, or the others, crazy?

Albert Einstein

We aren't cool enough for Night Court in Seattle

Kiri: What if my court date is actually at 8:45pm?

Lawjick: Court doesn't go that late.

Kiri: What about Night Court?

Lawjick: That's not a real thing.

Kiri: Yes it is!

Lawjick: Here. That's not a real thing HERE.

How to get a florist's eyes to bug out of her head

Kiri: Do you have white roses?

Florist: Dozen okay?

Kiri: Yeah, should be.

Florist: Do you want them wrapped?

Kiri: Oh no thanks, they're just going to get blood on them.

Florist: ...

Kiri: Fake blood. They're going to get FAKE blood on them.

Florist: ...

Kiri: ...okay, thanks.

It is not the big events that hurt the most but rather the smallest questionable shift in tone at the end of a spoken word that can plow most deeply into the heart.

Shopgirl by Steve Martin (via mustachlewitz)

Ten years, a hundred years from now, someone like me will love someone like you, and there will be no templars to tear them apart.

Anders, Dragon Age 2

I do not mean to discredit romantic love by any means—I think we should try to fall in love as many times as possible—but we must admit it does tend to hog the spotlight. There’s something to be said for those less mentioned affections. Those silent, I-will-be-here-when-you-need-mes. The people who have, with seemingly little effort, made an impression on us simply by simply calling us a word we often take for granted: Friend. You’re my friend. Thank you. A thousand times, thank you.

I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can.

Neil Gaiman (via thatquote)